Editor-in Chief’s Note

Dear colleges, dear readers!

Twenty years of transformations in the economic, social and political spheres of Russia’s public life were so radical that social sciences and humanities could not timely assess the changes and change the traditional scientific paradigm for researching topical social and political issues. This became one of the reasons for the lack of demand for many schools of political thinking, as a result of which a gap between political theory and political practice becomes more and more evident and politological discussion is practically disappearing from academic life.

In this context, we believe that the establishment of a new academic periodical “Political Science Issues” may partially fill the gap in the political theory development and contribute to a higher popularity of political sciences at the research and educational institutions. It may also offer many academicians an additional opportunity for submitting the results of their research to the public for discussion and assist in the organization of such discussion on topical issues of today politics.

With each year the political process in Russia and in the global world becomes more and more structurally complex, changes its quality, becomes more dynamic and requires adequate critical reaction on the part of the politological community. Dear colleges, we invite your contributions. We will be happy to publish the most interesting articles on topical issues of today politics and academic reviews in our journal. The journal “Political Science Issues” is published quarterly.

With best regards,

N.P. Medvedev

Editor-in Chief, DSc (political science), professor