D.Sc., Political Science, President of the National Union of Political Scientists, Professor at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.

Medvedev N.P. is a leading Russian scientist in federative relations area and organization of regional and municipal rule.

He is a prominent politician and statesman in the 90s, a people’s deputy of the Russian Federation (1990-1993), the chairman of the commission on national and state structure and inter-ethnic relations of the Supreme Soviet of Russia, the head of department handling the work with territories and the President’s envoys and president administration’s ties with parliament (1993-1994), Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation on cooperation with the member countries of the CIS (1994-1995) and deputy of the Lower House of Russian parliament, Duma (1995-1999).

Medvedev N.P. is one of the developers of the contemporary concept of Russia’s territorial and political structure and federative agreement and the author of the third chapter of the constitution, “Federative Structure”.

Medvedev N.P. has delivered lectures more than once on issues in political, administrative and federative relations at universities and parliamentary centres in Belgium, Denmark, Georgia, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, the US, Estonia, France and other countries.