1. Topic of the article shall correspond to the review’s profile. The submitted text may be written by one or several authors. The materials shall be topical and of academic and practical value.

2. The number of pages for articles written by post-graduate students and persons working for PhD degree shall not exceed 10 typed pages and by PhDs or DScs - 12 typed pages. All texts shall be typed in font: Times New Roman, size 14, interval between the lines: 1.5 lines. All sources shall be specified by bibliographic references.

3. References are to be given in the text in square brackets, inside of which the first figure indicates the number of the source in the references list, the second one, following the capital letter “P”, indicates the page number in the source (for example, [1. P. 126]; references to several sources – [1. P. 126; 4. P. 43]). References to footnotes are to be given in round brackets, for example, (1).

4. All the tables, diagrams, graphs, and drawings are to be incorporated in the text of the article. They are to be numbered and supplied with a title. Tables are to be given a title placed above the table, drawings are to have captions. When several tables and/or drawings are used in the article, their numeration is obligatory.

5. Formulas are to be marked out, explained and provided with references.

6. The manuscript must include a list of references submitted in accordance with the Vancouver style of the AMA version.

7. It is obligatory to attach the following to the manuscript:

♦ abstract (summary); the abstract should disclose the issues contained in the scientific article, its purpose and the obtained results. Recommended annotation structure: introduction, aims and objectives, methods, results and conclusions. The information contained in the title of the article should not be repeated in the abstract. Historical information, description of the previously published and well-known facts shall not be included in the abstract. The recommended volume of the abstract is from 200 to 250 words;

♦ a list of 7-8 key terms;

♦ information about the author, including: the author’s full name, the official name of the place of employment, position, scientific degree, as well as the author’s contact data – mailing address, telephone number (office, mobile), electronic address; the number of co-authors cannot be more than four.

The decision as to publication is made within four months from the day the manuscript is registered at the editorial office. Materials which are not accepted for publication will not be returned. The editors will not enter into correspondence with the authors in case of refusal to publish the articles submitted by them.

The authors will bear full responsibility for the selection and authenticity of the given facts, quotations, statistical and sociological data, proper names, geographical names and other information.

The published materials may not reflect the viewpoint of the editorial board and the editors.

The author, submitting a manuscript to the editors, undertakes not to have it published, either in full or partially, in any other publication without the editors’ consent.

The published issues and abstracts of the articles are available on the website of the journal:

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