Yuri Vasilevich Irkhin, DSc(philosophy), professor of the chair of politology and political management, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, professor at the chair of sociology, International University of Business and Management, professor at the chair of theoretical and applied politology, the School of history, politology and law, History and Archive Institute, Russian State University for the Humanities, head researcher of the Institute of Comparative Politology of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Honorary worker of the Higher Education of the Russian Federation, full member of the Academy of Political Sciences of the RF, full member of the Academy of the Humanities of the RF, member of the International Association of Political Science, International Sociological Association, Russian Association of political sciences.

Topics of academic interest and spheres of academic research: theory, history and methodology of political sciences, management theory, comparative politology, comparative analyses of political cultures, globalistics.

Directions of academic research: comparative politology, political and administrative management, political theory, history of political and law theories, schools and new directions of political sciences, international experience, civilization and politics in today dimension.

As a coordinator of the World Bank, Ministry of Education and National Foundation for Training Personnel project “Aristotle. Politological education in the 21-st century”, he participated in the work of the XIX World Congress of the International Association of Political Science (IAPS) (2000, Quebec, Canada), XX World Congress of IAPS (2003, Durban, SAR), XXI World Congress of IAPS (2006, Fukuoka, Japan), XV World Congress of Sociologists (2002, Brisbane. Australia).

He delivers the following courses of lectures:

- Methodology of political science;

- history of political theories;

- history of political and law theories;

- political culture: West − Russia − East;

- political consciousness: West − Russia − East;

- political ideology;

- academic schools and research centers of the world political science: comparative analyses;

- culture and political management: West − Russia − East.

He is the author of more than 300 academic publications, a number of monographs and textbooks, including:

1. Yu.V. Irkhin. “Phycology and politics”. М., 1993.

2. Yu.V. Irkhin. “Human dimension of politics”. М., 1993.

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